Former OPPO VP Sky Li to head online-exclusive brand Realme as Realme gets separated


Back in May OPPO and Amazon India partnered to introduce the Realme smartphone brand and launched the Realme 1 smartphone in the country. Now company’s founder, Sky Li, the former Vice President of OPPO international mobile business has posted an open letter to announce Realme as an independent brand.

Interestingly, this is the second instance when Oppo executive has left the core business to continue with a new brand. Previously, it was Pete Lau who started OnePlus. However, OnePlus still remains a part of Oppo’s parent company, BBK Electronics.

In a open letter, Sky Li, said:

I am grateful for my youthful years at OPPO, as its persistence in delivering products in the perfectionist way benefited me a lot. OPPO also gave me the opportunity to reach out to the larger world, which gave me the strength and courage to start Realme today. I’ve also learned so much from Tony Chen, a man of vision, vigor and generosity, who led me in the past 18 years. These all are like a valuable backpack on my road ahead.

With the experiences over these years, I feel full of vim and vigor like my spirited young team members, as if I just graduated from university when I was in my early 20s. Working with them side by side, my heart is light and full with courage and passion.


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